What is osCaddie?

Many organizations require WCM functionality such as collaboration (such as forums), favorites, comments, and ratings; and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality such as digital content storage and versioning, workflows, and highly customizable metadata models. ECMs and WCMs are typically delivered by separate 
software, each with different strengths.

To best fulfill these requirements, Appnovation created the osCaddie Drupal Alfresco module, which uses Drupal for front end interactions, and Alfresco for back end storage of digital assets. This approach combines the best aspects of each and is more flexible and robust than either one system alone.


osCaddie Drupal Alfresco is an integrated solution providing seamless communication between Drupal and Alfresco. Contents are synced with Alfresco whenever there is an update to content in Drupal, Alfresco will be updated. New content is created on Alfresco as soon as it is created on Drupal. osCaddie Drupal Alfresco allows content-type mapping with Drupal and Alfresco, meaning a non-standard content-type (such as additional textfields, radio buttos, or checkboxes) can be used on Alfresco. An administrative interface provides site admins to easily setup the connection between the two systems, and manages the content-types.

A custom-made REST JSON API from scratch that facilitates the communication between Drupal and Alfresco. CMIS protocol could not be used because it focuses on file transfer and document browsing and not the protocol for content-type mapping.
The Drupal-side API is flexible enough to accept any content-type structure along with all associated custom fields. The parser and extractor used can convert a content-type into JSON and back accurately.
osCaddie Drupal Alfresco has an implicit feature which allows contents and content-types to be backed-up and restored. Alfresco behaves like content repository that can be used to restore all contents of a particular site. We need to ensure that content and content-types are restored 100%.

The solution is built using Drupal as a set of modules that are standalone and can be deployed to any new or existing Drupal instance. osCaddie Alfresco portion of the solution is compatible with Alfresco 3 and 4 community and enterprise.


A recent technical update with a demo on setting up the osCaddie Drupal Alfresco module can be found here.

Want to learn more about osCaddie and the Open Technology for the Enterprise Initiative? Visit Appnovation's osCaddie page or email us at

Supported Versions

osCaddie currently supports:

Drupal 6 & 7
Alfreso 3.x, 4.x and 5

Supported Modules

osCaddie currently supports:

For Drupal 6

Content Construction Kit (CCK) version 6.x and along with its core field types.
Date version 6.x

For Drupal 7

Node entities and core Field types and widgets – Boolean, Decimal, File, Integer, List, Long Text, Long Text and Summary, and Text.

File upload to Alfresco from File Field within the node.


In order for osCaddie to operate properly you must have an instance of Drupal and Alfresco running on two different servers (ideally), however both Drupal and Alfresco 3.x/4.x/5.x can co-exist on the same server. 

osCaddie Alfresco webapp must be installed on the Alfresco server. You can download the webapp from Code Snippets section of Appnovation website, look for "osCaddie Alfresco Webapp". Follow the readme in the Alfresco web app download for installation instructions

Recent Updates

Checkout our recent blog post and webinar Webinar for updates on the module