MuleSoft - Alfresco Connector

I've recently been certified as a MuleSoft Associate Developer and over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a Mulesoft Alfresco connector to practice my training. There is already a CMIS connector that can be used with Alfresco, but this is more specific, as we can manage users, groups, sites...

To create a new connector from scratch, I have followed a tutorial that can be found here, and I have used the Alfresco REST API (webscripts) to build the methods. Some of them look as simple as this:


To retrieve the information of a group in Alfresco, this would be an example of use in a MuleSoft flow:


Although the connector is not finished yet, the project is public and the code can be downloaded here, so anyone can contribute.

Hopefully it will be finished soon!