OS Accelerate provides a

forum to enable enterprise businesses

to take advantage of leading

commercial open technologies.

We've kicked off OS Accelerate to enable enterprise companies to learn and take advantage of leading commercial open technologies.

Our approach is to create a community to innovate together. We've partnered with the companies behind best of breed open software to help us grow.

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We’re working with the likes of Acquia, Alfresco, MuleSoft, and Google to build a community of open partners and innovators to share ideas and experiences, post questions, and provide value to the enterprise.

We're also creating modules to connect open technologies, and contributing them back to the community.

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Open collaboration means that users are constantly evaluating and critiquing the code to ensure it’s secure. This also means each contributor is extremely cautious with code they submit, knowing it’s open to public audience for criticism.

Community Support

Community Support

Have a question? Run into an issue? Vibrant communities of developers back open source technologies; blogging, answering questions and fixing bugs.



Open source software is continually evolving as developers add to it and modify it to improve quality. And with more professionals peer-reviewing and overseeing the code’s integrity, bugs are found & fixed early.



Open source software is available without a licensing fee, which makes it a cost-effective solution. Many of the upfront and ongoing costs associated with developing a site are non-existent as compared to commercial options.



With full access to the code, you can customize open source software to suit your unique needs.



Open source software frees organizations from vendor lock-in. Because the codebase is open and there is a large number of developers with expertise in the technology, you are not tied to vendor’s roadmaps, prices & priorities.

The Partners


“Being able to align both the open technologies and the commercial organizations behind them is the hallmark of the Appnovation OS initiative. We started with Drupal and Alfresco, have now added MuleSoft, and will continue identify and integrate other ‘Best of Breed’ open technology applications”

- Arnold Leung, CEO of Appnovation Technologies


“There’s a great market opportunity for connecting document management and structured editorial workflows with content, community and commerce applications for great digital experiences...Integrating Drupal with leading open technologies like Alfresco and MuleSoft presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations that are looking to reduce costs and increase flexibility.”

- Joe Wykes, Vice President of Global channels at Acquia


“Having already recognized the value in integrating with Drupal, we at Alfresco will continue to offer strong support for the Appnovation OS Initiative and its goal of helping organization’s take advantage of open technologies.”

- Jerome Agnola, Alfresco’s Senior Director, Business Development


“As MuleSoft’s platform originated from the world’s most popular open technology integration technology, it was a natural fit for us to serve as the integration foundation for the Appnovation OS Initiative...We are enabling thousands of organizations to connect their SaaS and enterprise applications both on-premise and in cloud, and we look forward to working with Appnovation, Acquia and Alfresco to continue driving adoption of best of breed integration solutions in the enterprise.”

- Chris Purpura, MuleSoft’s Vice President of Business Development and General Manager of CloudHub


Google is a major advocate for Open Technology and on Linux Foundation’s 2013 “Who writes Linux” top 10 corporate contributors list. Host to many of the Appnovation OS Initiative events, they’re always keen to discuss open technology software. At the event in June 2014, Brandon Jung, Head of Cloud, Americas, spoke about open technology software being used on Google Compute Engine.